Warped memories Independent project 2008 Directed by Ad Howells Synopsis Warped Memories is the result of a collaboration between Lewis Cook's music and Ad Howells filmmaking skills. It was originally designed as a backdrop to add to a live performance that Lewis Cook staged in Scotland. It combines artistic images with the beat and pulse of contemporary, minimalist music. It was great opportunity to get really creative with cinematography in a world without boundaries and without rules.
Some of the images a particularly memorable; a string snaking through grass, a telephone box without a caller, a stranger's feet clumping through grass, fish swimming in a reflection of light and dark, the infamous graffiti man splattered on a wall like a ghostly image of the main character. The Jacket also appears in the film once on a boat and another time on a huge rubbish crate; which is transformed into a relic of wonder by the photography of the film. Music: Lewis Cook
Filmmaker/director: Ad Howells "These images don't so much tell a story, as they flow with the music. It was a great opportunity to become really creative with cinematography." Warped Memories was awarded at the I.A.C film competition, 2007.
© Ad Howells 2008.
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