Two Rivers Independent project Experimental short film 2011 Directed by Ad Howells Synopsis Two Rivers is an experimental film that tells the story of a relationship, from first love, to birth and then loss, metaphorically through objects. The mundane table becomes a repertory for love and desire – each object endowed with the act of staring, and longing. Blood coalesces with water; childhood is lost, as a toy lies in the water, forgotten in the child’s freedom. A fish swims rapidly through the water, free at last. Two wineglasses fall upon the table, red wine gushes from them, like two rivers mingling in time. Is there freedom in mingling in love, as rivers do, or are intertwined rivers imprisoned – do they yearn to break free? Directors statement:
Two Rivers evolved as an experimental film from the notion of exploring the life of memories and emotions through antrophomorphised objects, and in some way reliving them; assembling traces of life from effervescent moments. The questions that I asked myself were – what do people leave behind them in the “death” of a moment, and in “death” what emotions are still mobile and lingering, what glances and feelings live merely in words, dust, wineglasses, and plates? And how could I create a mobility of feeling, with seemingly immobile objects. Memory therefore became an important tool of creation, to enter the space. I was also concerned with inevitability and coalescence, the mingling of blood into water, the wine from the glasses merging, and in someway for these merging forms to create a sense of disillusion. The lost of childhood, and the freedom of birth, were also emotions that I wanted to convey through the fish’s mobility in the water, and the forgotten teddy bear floating upon it. The colour red united these images of love and suffering, birth and death; and the chaotic disillusion of mingling. Credits:
Directed by: Ad Howells
Music and sound design: Anna Papaioannou
© Ad Howells 2014