Personal profile Ad Howells is an independent filmmaker, photographer and visual artist, his filmmaking work embraces unique creative approaches and collaborations with an individual creative voice.

His films feature a unique directorial approach and strong visual style that demonstrates a wide imaginative scope in his varied body of work. Although he ensures that both individual work and collaborative work meet both his clients needs and satisfactory creative goals, he aims to achieve this in a short space of time and often as required to tight deadlines. Ad has predominately developed as a filmmaker through fictional works, yet he also has gained significant experience working in observational documentary and interview situations, particularly in his feature documentary, One foot on the train, where he demonstrated skills that he later developed further while working with documentary directors at University. Ad's CV 2014 is available for PDF file download below. Key skills
The strengths evident in Ad’s filmmaking work be it in collaborative, commissioned, or personal settings is his ability to approach each project which both a fresh directorial style, but more explicitly a unique creative voice, and a desire to explore a project through the truth of his own eyes and vision, while retaining clarity to the project brief, the director’s intentions, and the overall intent of the goal before him. Ad is both highly effective in his communication strategies, with actors, collaborators, contributors, crew members and clients. He frequently incorporates and adapts his creative ideas, and with collaboration but also retains truth to project ideals. Ad’s personal skills therefore include developed communication strategies, good organisational skills and task management. Ad has completed creative work as a writer, for his writer-director projects and has good script analysis skills developed during his years at the University of Edinburgh Film and TV degree. He also has experience with producing his own productions and working as an assistant director, having good scheduling and script supervising skills.
As a director Ad maintains his vision of the project, in its realisation into the film’s production through his interaction with actors, producers, locations, sets and the photography and postproduction stages of filmmaking. In particular Ad has strong photographic and cinematography skills, with his greatest strength lying in the camera department. He has worked on a number of short films gaining experience with camerawork both in fictional and observational documentary environments. In addition to Ad’s strong visual production skills, he also has a solid knowledge of sound recording, using professional sound recording devices and microphones. Ad has very strong editing skills which both complement and advance his on set capacity for visualising the film prior to principal photography. In postproduction Ad is a fast and efficient, highly organised editor, who is very familiar with both the creative and the technical components of film editing. He has edited a number of commissioned projects as well as university MA graduate projects, working both with the director’s vision in mind while bringing his own personal opinion and creative intent to the film. Over the course of his editing work Ad has worked and is currently familiar with the editing process using Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro software on the Apple Macintosh platform. Ad also has basic audio editing and postproduction skills in Logic Pro, and has experience working with sound as a director. Ad frequently completes a colour grade for certain projects, and has experience with colour correction and colour grading in Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere Pro in addition to dedicated colour grading software Da Vinci Resolve. Ad usually submits his final deliverables for client work via DVD video, or through a web upload to for client download. Ad currently masters his final work in high definition video.
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